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 10  OKP Learning Experience Rubric – Nate Angell



 2  EJ_EvenCinderella.pdf

 6  Space in School.pdf

 6  My Stream

 2  My Stream

 2  Study_Guide_3rd-ed-rev 10_2015.pdf

 2  What_s_Radical_marginal-syllabus.pdf

 8  Electing to Heal.pdf

 1  Electing to Heal.pdf

 1  My Stream

 1  Microsoft Word - 8 Bruce ELEA 6_2.doc

 2  Having an Experience by John Dewey 1934

 9  On Democracy

 2  A Thrice-Learned Lesson from the Literate Life of a Five-Year-Old

 3  Chris Aldrich on the IndieWeb

 2  Code of Conduct

 1  The Pedagogy of MOOCs

 13  REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS Education Research Grants CFDA Number: 84.305A

 1  Digital Storytelling: the Course

 1  Assessing Writing, Teaching Writers - National Writing Project

 17  Resituating Funds of Identity Within Contemporary Interpretations of Perezhivanie

 6  The Fallacies of Open: Participatory Design, Infrastructuring, and the Pursuit of Radical Possibility – CITE Journal

 14  VM0254Leading.pdf

 9  The Project Gutenberg eBook of How We Think, by John Dewey.

 1  Literacy-Rich Environments

 1  in-v39n2-p87

 1  wasik-and-bond-article.pdf

 1  Senator to Pruitt: EPA meddling in health study ‘unconscionable’

 1  Republicans wrangle over DACA in tense private meeting

 2  An-IndieWeb-Crash-Course-v3.pdf

 1  Senate GOP wary of new tax cut sequel

 1  Open Web for Learning & Teaching Expertise Hub (formerly TELOWEH) · Issue #251 · mozilla/global-sprint

 2  EJ768720.pdf

 2  5035b24fcdcd1.pdf

 1  Analysis | Why did Trump meet with Putin? Here are three possibilities.

 1  Cheap Food Blamed for America's Obesity Crisis

 1  TheBuzz.pdf.pdf

 4  Some Businesses Bleed Black

 1  DPD Project Final Report For Wide DistributionV2.pdf - File Shared from Box

 1  Here’s What Is Actually True And False About The Republicans’ Health Care Plan

 1  What Was the First MOOC?

 1  educon21 - OpenTeaching

 1  5000204512-5000415642-1-SM.pdf

 5  The Tower and the Cloud: Higher Education in the Age of Cloud Computing

 1  Open Educational Resources: New Possibilities for Change and Sustainability

 1  Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0

 2  Open Pedagogy: Connection, Community, and Transparency -- Campus Technology

 1  battle-for-open.pdf

 3  oerrh-evidence-report-2014.pdf

 4  Eight Qualities of Open Pedagogy

 1  The implications of ‘open’ for course and program design: towards a paradigm shift | Tony Bates

 1  What do we mean by ‘open’ in education? | Tony Bates

 14  iterating toward openness

 1  iterating toward openness

 1  Change Would Be Healthy at U.S. Climate Agencies

 1  How Does Copyright Encourage Creativity? | Quests

 3  jgmac1106/cc-cert-map

 1  How to Search for Images and Use the Flickr CC Attribution Tool

 7  Teacher observations have been a waste of time and money | Brookings Institution

 1  Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast

 3  New Stream Brings Dream of Decentralized LMS Closer

 7  Can the Philadelphia Flyers make NHL history with their win streak?

 2  Layout 1

 1  TheCaseforConnectedLearning.pdf

 2  Microsoft Word - NLC Penultimate.docx

 1  A Brief History of Domain of One’s Own, Part 2: The 12 Days of Domains

 1  Microsoft Word - TransitionsII_The Old New Contract.doc

 2  Cultural Awareness through Biographies

 17  Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman Emperor, by Marcus Aurelius

 1  Credibility


 1  Alexander: Judge's Decision Paves Way For "Bold, Systemic" School Change | New Haven Independent

 21  ItsComplicated.pdf

 1  685-1871-1-SM.pdf

 2  Microsoft Word - 1_ELEM_Inside.Cover_2011_FINAL.doc

 1  REVIEW OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH-2014-Clarke-163-202.pdf

 2  8 digital skills we must teach our children

 1  Anatomy of an Online Course: LEM: Community Portfolio

 2  Teaching as Wayfinding

 8  Involving page owners in annotation – Hypothesis

 4  Citation, Appropriation, and Fair Use: News Genius Picks Up Again Where Failures Left Off

 1  fairytalecharacters.pdf

 2  fairytalecharacters.pdf

 1  findingfantasy.pdf

 2  findingfantasy.pdf

 1  Readability and Children's Picture Books

 1  Readability and Children's Picture Books

 2  Reading in the Content Areas: Fictionalized Biographies and Diaries for Social Studies

 1  I am #IndieEdTech

 1  Outgrowing Your Social Media

 7  Balance, Obscenity, and Our Future Citizenry

 1  About Me - Moe's Blog

 4  Supporting Phonics Instruction with Children’s Literature and Writing

 2  Supporting Phonics Instruction with Children’s Literature and Writing

 3  Literacies & Worldviews Mini-Lesson

 5  Reader's Workshop Mini Lesson

 1  Engaging African American Males in Reading // Alfred W. Tatum

 2  rationale for doing queer work in schools: dissertation excerpt | making edible playdough is hegemonic

 7  CCSSI_ELA Standards.indd

 1  "Song of Myself": Why Walt Whitman Was the Original Kanye West | VICE | United States

 1  Albatross News Vol II Issue 1

 27  Remarks of President Barack Obama – State of the Union Address As Delivered

 2  Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address | January 20, 2015

 1  Are Black Parents Sheep? How to Gin Up Charter School Fears With Subprime Mortgage Analogies - Education Post

 1  The #WalkMyWorld Project | Come share a walk in your world

 7  StateofStates2015