Throw back to @ncte 2008 where @lauriehenry @wiobryne @lzread98 and I presented on blogging: My slides blank I presented from my student blogs. #IndieWeb is a value not a technology
Why is the search feature in @outlook’s web client  just so bad? basic last names and first names ans it can’t find a single message….Even though the first email has that name.
@doomquasar @film_girl @spacekatgal @jasonhowell @ronamadeo Does anyone know if I lose my personal music collection on YouTube Music when Google Play Music Goes away? Its 60 gigs. Do I need to build a media server again???? GRRRR
Just published the second module for my 5 week hybrid class on early literacy @scsu We were talking summer PD in #edtechchat any preK-3 teachers or anyone allowed to join open version of class
@glitch do I need to make a glitch branch myself in @GitHub? My projects are not exporting. I get message saying export complete but do not see a branch.
No #IndieWeb WordPress work for me on Day 11. Classes start today. I will tack another day on the end. Yesterday I did get to play with a lot of the post-kind/bridgy/Twitter functionality.