Online Research and Media Skills

Greg McVerry

Teachers and educators can use digital text and tools to enhance their pedagogical goals. I hope to share the knowledge that I create and curate.

Many of these ideas have  emerged into a model for preparing teacher candidates and  teachers in practice.   The Online Research and Media Skills Framework provides a heuristic for educators to help map the future.

The ORMS model stresses the use of digital text and tools in order to prepare students for  a maker economy that builds upon agency and engagement.

By focusing on three cornerstones: online research comprehension, online content construction, and online collaborative inquiry, the ORMS model serves  as a  foundation of my instructional design.

The ORMS model borrows heavily from the theoretical work in connected learning and the diverse perspectives of New Literacies research. Most recently the openly developed Web Literacy Map and the connections I have online have shaped our development of the ORMS model.


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