Yankees 2019

Collection by Greg McVerry and published

close up of Yankees name on stadium

For John's 11th birthday we decided to take the family to a #yankees game September 22nd against the Toronto Blue Jays. I have never sat in the new Stadium. We lucked out and and found out as we strolled in the Club declared it fan appreciation day. Everyone got two free tickers, What we thought would be a one time trip turned into two more games. Almost makes a Yankees game affordable...almost

Walking in the Stadium

The family walking into the stadium

Standing at Gate Four

It took some time to get through the lines. Funny how crowded last home game with free tickets get

Judge at Bat

#99 filled in as the designated hitter

John catching every minute of play

Another home run slugfest. A blow out. Game got slow quick.

Ben enoying second favorite team

It ain't the Astros but Ben will always don the pinstripes

Danny enjoyed the food more

It ain't the Astros but Ben will always don the pinstripes

The scoreboard

Severino got a few

Boys after the game

Final score 9-2. Everyone left happy. Having seats in the shade helped.

Pepe's for dinner

No trip to New York is complete without a pie from New Haven.