#WalkMyWorld: Where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.

I wonder, “Does where you are, and where you will you go all depend on where you begin?”

Beginning of life...

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Another year of #WalkMyWorld and we have decided to push ourselves even further. This is always a special time for everyone involved. We push ourselves as writers and bend thoughts in ways many have never imagined. All meaning becomes malleable during #WalkMyWorld.

Two years ago we tried to document the ordinary through literary complexities. Lat year we explored how our identities shifted in the spaces we traveled and the modes we used. This year we will bring these two iterations together. We are going to explore the story of us. Mainly we ask you to share your “story of me.”

Each week a new learning event will drop on Sunday night. Each learning event will focus on some element of your past, present, or future. In the beginning we will also ask you to explicitly use a specific mode such as visual, audio, oral, etc. The learning event will ask you to share something. There will also be a shared text that you may choose to read with other in #WalkMyWorld.

Hewell Road, Barnt Green - sign - adult walking a child

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Learning Event One

In learning event one, we are asked to consider “Where I Begin.” Participants will share a selfie representing their journey. This can be an image or icon. It does not have to be you. There are some awesome photo essay examples in the learning event. All you have to do is share your selfie on your blog and then tweet out a link to Twitter.

If you want to go for a deep dive in “Where I begin” join us as we read James Franco suggest that Walt Whitman was the original Kayne West.

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