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Too often we speak of a decentralized web as if it requires the latest technology. Yet really people must make up an #Indieweb. We do not need new apps or the latest blockchain-schmockchain tool. People only need a blog and a bit of html…and other people.

A web where folks control their data, shape their identity and connect to communities require different nodes to come together around shared values. These values may be just attitude but I do belives attitudes can grow into shared principles. Different networks I move through may be organized in varying ways but they share something.

I have long wanted to bring together two of my communities: the #IndieWeb and Virtually Connecting and I am excited to announce that on June 26th-27th we will have a Virtually Connecting Presence at the #IndieWeb summit.

What is Virtually Connecting

For those who do not know Virtually Connecting is designed to bring conferences to places and people around the world who can not attend. It goes beyond the simple “Watch the Stream” of most remote conferences and encourages an interaction with an “onsite buddy” and a “virtual buddy” they are then joined by remote participants across the globe.

The IndieWeb Summit has some of the best streaming and remote options available but through Virtually Connecting I get to bring along the traveling bard of scholars who have nomadically moved from #ds106, #rhizo, #walkmyworld, #clmooc, @hypothesis and so many other spaces online that have long embodied the #IndieWeb Principles through the #DoOO philosophy.

How Will it Work

You can find a schedule and sign up for a virtual participant spot here: As I said almost all of #IndieWeb summit gets streamed but these will be special sessions done live on Hangouts on Air from the Virtually Connecting account.

Day One Tuesday

The Summit is an unconference following all keynotes. After the keynote we will hold one session to try and define, “What is IndieWeb to Me?”

We will meet at 11:40 PDT time. Hangout link to follow.

I will try and grab some keynote speakers for a few minutes. This will be happening while lightning round introductions are made so we may check out some of those as well.

Day Two Wednesday

On day two we will convene again at at 11:00 PDT to discuss the intesection of the IndieWeb, #DoOO and all of our networked learnign experiences such as #ds106, #rhizo15, #walkmyworld, #clmooc, etc.

Come Join Us

You will find Both Virtually Connecting and #IndieWeb as model communities. I encourage everyone to check out the Summit Stream and register as a participant for the Virtually Connecting Sessions.

The entire #IndieWeb conference is streamed and remote attendance is encouraged so please feel free to stop by anytime.

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