So in #dailyponderance1 you shared a meme in #dailyponderannce2 you shared an image and attirbution. We took a break and reflected on how different people learned but it’s time to get back to memes.

Here is today’s challenge: Go to my make a meme Remix the project and post your own meme.


  • Go to GitHub make an account
  • Go to my Glitch project and sign in with GitHub
  • Make a Meme
  • Google “Blank meme images”
  • Choose one. Go to the source of the image. Right click and copy the image address
  • Go to the project and change the source of the image on line 18
  • Change the headings on line 21 and 23
  • You are done
  • Publish a link to your meme. Use the dailyponderance tag. Include a link back to this post and return to this post to send a manual webmention (sorry my automatic webmentions are broken)
  • If you want to change the color of the words do that in your CSS style sheet. Same thing with the words are on the screen

Do not forget the dailyponderance tag

Here is today’s 7/31 #edu522 #dailyponderance yesterday folks were asked to share an image to describe how you felt. Most of you chose a meme. Today we repeat the task but I ask you think metaphorically.

Watch this and install the Flickr Creative Commons attribution tool. Then find an image to represent how you feel.

X2 MacBuck multiplier if you share your image with correct attribution