#QuestionTheWeb: Hacking Credibility to #TeachTheWeb

Remix of CC BY-SA Martin. (2009). bettabid-remix.  and  BY-NC-SA Ari Moore (2006). Tell Truth. Flickr
Remix of CC BY-SA Martin. (2009). bettabid-remix. and BY-NC-SA Ari Moore (2006). Tell Truth. Flickr

In our first two #QuestiontheWeb make cycles we focused on workflow. We learned how to set up openly networked classrooms using RSS. In the next cycle we all chipped in and created a codebook to use as we annotate the web for credibility.

We now transition to practicing the same activities the students will have to complete. We will shift our focus to hacking credibility:

For this make cycle (full tutorial available here) you have to:

  1. Learn how to use x-ray Goggles by Hacking the News
  2. Remix an author’s credibility.
  3. Remix the credibility of a source within a source.

X-ray Goggles can also be used to remix perspective and design. These are both essential to credibility. When remixing perspective you can look at body image and gender or political points of view. It is a great tool do take a critical lens.

When remixing design for credibility you have to consider how elements such as color and font choice affect credibility. For example if you use Comic Sans as a font I might assume you are part of an evil alien plot to degrade the intelligence of the human race. Similarly hyperbolic and partisan websites might use a ton of red while informational sources use more white.

In the end X-Ray Goggles is a great tool to hack the web.

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