OOE13 Introduction-How to survive a MOOC

Hello everyone. I am Greg McVerry. I am a researcher and educator at Southern Connecticut State University. I am looking forward to this class.

We discussed Open as an unstructured and self-directed learning experience.

I am attending the first synchronous section of the Open Online Experience.


We are currently discussing strategies for surviving MOOCs:

Some advice I got:

  • Choose a personal goal.
  • Choose a platform. You do not have to join every network.
  • Know you do not have to do everything.
  • You will not read everything
  • Connect with those who have similar goals.
  • Try to accomplish one thing a week.
  • Comment on blogs that you read.
  • Lurk.
  • Summarize before you curate.


Tools to share and track your learning:

  • Evernote. Create a notebook for each MOOC you take.
  • Create some portfolio
  • Use the Twitter hashtag when sharing post.


My personal goals for #OOE13

  • Learn to use Evernote to organize my brain.
  • Be a better blogger. I am new to blogging and want to learn the ins and outs of WordPress.

Ending thoughts

  • Dedicate time
  • Add your goals to you Google calendar.
  • A MOOC only works if we are blogging, sharing, and commenting


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