Billow on Brigatine 2019

Collection by Greg McVerry and published

We decided to take a mini vacation and celebrate #localssummers for three days September 5th to 7th. The warm weather and lack of crowds makes September an ideal time to vacation. The trip also marked a bitter sweet milestone as we would stay in my parents new nhouse since the family compound in Black Point, CT got sold after 50 years.

With Dorian racing, more a slow crawl, up the Eatern Seaboard we also did not know if the trip would happen. Luckly the weather held out and we got two amazing days with family.

Family on the Shore of Hurricane Ravaged Seas

The wife and parents wouldn't let me in the water. Probably for the best. While the waves had height the sets rolling in fromt he storm had little form and the rip current pulled at you instantly.

Of Course Danny Jumps in Fully Clothed

It was hard keeping the kids out of the ocean. Hey does a helmet make it safer to swim in a huuricane?

My Parents

So nice to see my parents settle into the new beach house. Losing Big Billow put such a strain on my mom. Seeing the happy home they built was a highlight.

Big Waves on Saturday

Conditions were perfect on Saturday. Waves averaged 4-5 feet with 6-8 foot swells. Undertoe has serious force. Hop in and 2 minutes later you were the shore. We enforced a no above the waist rule.

Always Baseball Season

When the O'Brien's and the McVerry's get together baseball season never ends. The kids grabbed thier gloves and made a field.

Games of Pickle

The beach is a great place for a game of pickle.

Is he safe?

Ben and Oliver got in on the action.

Hitting the Waves

The kids of course hit the waves. Good times on Saturday but the rip current could tire you out. The ocean just pulled you down the coast. Be safe. Don't fight a rip current. Go with it, walk back.

Cousin Love

Dan and Oliver got their building time in the sand...and wow can those two ham it up for a photo. I think Oliver wins the award. My guess Baby Bobby is there somewhere twisting their arms.

Walking the boardwalk

As night fell we of course had to hit the boardwalk. These must be the only three children that bring their putters to the boardwalk

Golfing with Papa John

Which of course means we end up at our favorite course, Haunted min-golf and got to shoot a round of 18 with Papa John.

The Golfers

Everyone won the round (don't ask the kids they are probably still arguing over scores).

Ike's Crab Shack

I did sneak away to grab a crab sandwich at Ike's. The soft shell was out of season so I went with the crabcakes

Crabcake Sandwich

The sandwich impressed. Another benefit of vacationing during local summer. Lot of crab not too heavy on the breading and the fresh fried chips.

The Magic of Gillians

We had to end the night at Jillians. The big kids headed to their rids and I took Danny and Oliver over to the bumper cars

Danny in the bumper cars

We hit the bumper cars while the kids rode the log ride.

Music Ride Adventure

James, Ben, and John going for a twirl

Cousins Carrying Gear

All of us gathered for the fun on Sunday

Papa Jon, Me, and Xavier

Next day the Weidner's joined us at the beach

Danny and Markel Lending a Hand

Always great to see the cousins play

Markel having a picnic

Sac-o-subs still serving up sandwhiches in September

Another baseball game

Of course Uncle Matt joined the baseball games

Lifeguard in Training?

Xavier hung with us under the tent

Getting Serious

Can I take hime home

Katey on the Paddle Board

Aunt Katey got to paddle board with a pod of dolphins swimming by.

Waiting for Waves

Calm ocean Sunday. Also low tide. Had to head out to sand bar to find even a 1 foot breaker

Where is the Water?

For Xavier the water was even calmer?

A Wonderfule Weekends

Our #localssummer weekend get away was a blast. Can't wait for the next trip.