Mixed Media Art Show

Collection by Greg McVerry and published

After the first night of IndieWebCamp NYC I stumbled into a mixed media art show. I share some of the pictures.


I didn't get the artist name beyond @digitalbeing who ahd my favorite exihibit

The purple monitor room

One room had these cool monitors and blubs everywhere

Digital Being

So many cool sounds and lights associated with this piece

Reclaimed Monitors

Digitalbeing made an exhibit out of reclaimed monitors. Here is close up of single

All three B&W Paintings

Here are all three paintings in the collection

My favorite of the Three

Out of the three this pic spoke to me the most. I love the lines and the "kraken hiding

The colors danced with the vibrancy of sound

Sounds fade to shades of meaning as collapsing colors surround

Colorful Paintings

Much of the art had a colorful explosion feel and used a ton of gemoetric patterns and/or randomness

Close Up of Light

The organge haze cut through our digital maze as we gazed upon questions

Sophie Exhibit

Another cool exihibit was Sophie.

Foreboding Words

Will we rule the bots or will they rule us

Full Digital Being Exihibit

The full interactive monitor display

Art You Can Play With

Become art. Be Art. Enjoy Art