Live Blog from Videogame Communities Session at #LRA13

Videogame communities, affinity spaces, and transformative learning: Fluid and connective literacy practices in online and offline spaces
Session Participants:

Chair: Sandra Schamroth Abrams (St. John’s University)

Chair: Thomas Liam Lynch (Pace University)
Discussant: Amy Stornaiuolo (University of Pennsylvania)

Fluid Literacies: Videogaming and Related Practices
*Sandra Schamroth Abrams (St. John’s University)

Connective Literacies: Gaming, Reading, and Writing
*Hannah Gerber (Sam Houston State University)

Transformative Literacies: Using World of Warcraft to Transform Language Learning
*Jason Lee (Pennsylvania State University)


This symposium offers a new perspective on videogaming and digital literacy, one that focuses on interconnected literacy practices that seem inherently part of videogame-based learning. Data from three separate studies reveal how adolescent students and an adult college undergraduate utilized socio-historically imbued on-and-off screen activities, honing their understanding of traditional and digital texts. The rather seamless transitions among students’ practices call attention to the ways videogaming may serve as a catalyst for fluid literacy development.


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