Live blog from #lra15 Imagining Beyond the Domesticated “New”: Creative Remixings of Literacies, Community, and Place

Michele Knobel:

I like to do a literature review to orient myself to learn what I can contribute and who are the names


Michele Knobel:


From the 1920-1970 creativity was an “elite” discourse. Montessori then came in and it was individualistic

then in the contemporary creativity discourse we started to note that literacy was a social practice.

there was also the technoogical advances Musicians did not need to know how to read music. Video makers did not need video

Then in the 80’s the economic drive of creativity aligned

A new creativity discourse emerged in 19902

The more diverse a community the more creative it is.

There is a connection to JPG’s affinity spaces.


new literacies is a socially recognized remix of creativity. JPG’s Appreciative systems. Remix takes rules and norms

You have to be recognized as a member of that practice through those norms

Michele Knobel:

Seeing idea remix is becoming a title, meaning on multiple levels, DIY transmedia artifacts, tap into affinity spaces,

Looking at remix tells us how youth are being creative and we can bring that into schools

Donna Alvermann:

our project is a journey beyond and between the planes of “reality” -a journey of becoming

Greg McVerry:

I am seeing many connections between remix and #walkmyworld. Everyone in this session should play in #walkmyworld

Donna Alvermann:

Kevin Leander wrote a fragment. You only see a small part of a poem.

@cb717 was at a Yoga pad meditating and thinking and she grabbed lines from Kevin poem

We use squarespace as our data source. We use their analytics as the main data source.

Greg McVerry:

define a unique visitor as being a different user or same user after 30 minutes. That is a pretty inflated view of unique

They also use Facebook. I am not a fan of the silos but maybe I need to go where people are.

Crystal Beach:

we started with Goldhaber’s attention economy, but it didn’t work out for us that well. There is some tension like with L33t

One of the fragments I put up changed my lens. What caused people to comment.


Greg McVerry:

@digitalvermann and @cb717 I need to teach you more about Google Analytics so you can do deeper dives into your content

Crystal Beach:

Looking at how my work was remixed made me challenge my own assumptions and stances.

there is an intimacy and exchange with remixing.

remix challenges the static notion of democratization. By allowing different perspectives it creates a field of equality

we can become a breathing element of democratizartion

Kevin Leander:

I told @netgrrrl that I was going to change my title and talk. She was not surprised


“words and things is the entirely serious title of a problem-Foucalt

This is a concept paper that we need to renew new literacies. new starting point, new discursive practices.

I know someone in this rom is playing Minecraft right now…I saw it

Greg McVerry:

@kevtweet shows off what his son Mitchell plays its a game within Minecraft. Plays on his phone. Terriaum I think is game


Kevin Leander:

Cites Barad 2007 discursive practices do not stand in relationship to externality but intra-activity.

We need to get into what types of matter. Its not virtual matter. It is matter

we have worn out starting points (words, knowers, and things). discourses are worn out, language being materialized worn

artifacts in the game embedding meaning is worn out (modes, media value power)

Final worn out out “discourses become transformed into habitus”

It is not a replacement economy. It is a matter of uses the real and the digital are the same.

We need a new middle way of being with/in material discursive practice

A reconsideration of boundary-making practices (as types of apparatus)

Judy Kalman:

World of digital hit Mexico like a storm, but the lessons are “enteractive” not interactive. All the user does is hit enter

There is very little that is different when multimodal translates to the classrooms. Its even more reductionist

The Mexican government is handing out tablets to all 5th and 6th graders. But we didn’t realize every year there is new kids

They did not think of the ongoing expense. We are in crisis as the cost of oil has collapsed. They find a map and copy.

teachers appropriation of digital technologies through practice

We had 20 junior high school teachers across Mexico City. Some techies some n00bs. Soe teachers got their first email.

Greg McVerry:

@klbz I am trying to live blog the sessions I attend using post go up when session ends. #lra15

About of third of the students in middle school leave junior high befor 9th grade. Students are the only statistcis

Judy Kalman:

teaching with technology is more about the teaching than the technology

In Mexico the curriculum is national. testing craze is in full swing.

Finished with a quote from Einstein. Lets not do things over and over aging but think about children

Rebecca Black:

Creative Literacy Practices in Transmedia Storyworlds


transmedia stories are whn text, platforms, spaces and activities cut across these

“Agents local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach or model) Brandt, 2010 literary sponsors

The offical sponsors create scripted and constrained spaces.

The games that the official sponsor Scholastic made are shockingly bad. They should have used the money and donated books

The Lionsgate as an official channel promotes the movie but it is much more immersive

I want to look at Literacy in the Wild to see what fans are working on.

The user generated content is much more engaging than official sponsors

Lionsgate tried to shut down unofficial channels. They lost as fans mobilized

Drillable and Spredable forms of literate engagement-drillable delves into story world spreadable allows them to adapt

Greg McVerry:

Also think we can’t just “nerd” out Fantasy Football IMO is the largest MMORPG in the world. wearing a jersey if cosplay

We are trying to make point that we can’t force kids into content silos where they dot no own their identity. #indieweb







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