Turning a blind eye to the vulnerable is what makes a truly 'broken' internet by Stephanie Moore, opinion contributor (TheHill)
For the internet to build on its potential as it permeates our everyday lives, we can no longer afford to pretend it has not grown dysfunctional.
Still say the best way to protect the web is to ensure as many folks carve out their own #IndieWeb space and not rely on centralized platforms at all: http://thehill.com/opinion/cybersecurity/404780-turning-a-blind-eye-to-the-vulnerable-is-what-makes-a-truly-broken
The Sixth “R” of Open Educational Resources by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)
The 5 R’s I’ve seen the five R’s used many times in reference to the OER space (Open Educational Resources). They include the ability to allow others to: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and/or Redistribute content with the appropriate use of licenses. These are all some incredibly powerful buildi...
@chirsaldrich explains the importance of version control in #oer #digped
Coming Home: Returning to a Pedagogy of Small (Here to there)
In July, I completed a two-week doctoral residency. While there, I settled on the “pedagogy of small” as my dissertation topic. It will build on the work of Elias, Ritchie, Bowles and Gevault (2018…
Great post on @telias on how we lose criticality towards technology in the big picture and miss how critical small learning can be: https://heretothere.trubox.ca/coming-home-returning-to-a-pedagogy-of-small/
Designing for Privacy with DoOO: Reflections after DPL (Is a Liminal Space)
The thinking for this post comes on the tail end of Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) where, despite not being enrolled in any of the data or privacy offerings, concerns of student data and privacy rang l…
@Autmm has a great post exploring the agency of privacy of open in terms of #DoOO, #DigPed and #OpenPedagogy instructional design.

If anyone will contribute to the knowledge base it will be @autumm.

This is my first attempt at doing full #DoOO with WordPress.

In the past I used @withknown or WordPress.com

I also mixed in the #IndieWeb tools for extra experimentation…Wish I had waited. Really amazing stuff just happened that follks like @autmm may want to try in class.

A new microformats2 feed  from @pfefferle means we can now #IndieWeb from almost any theme. The updates micropub from @dshanske makes publishing from a ton of mobile and web clients super easy. @aaronpk has a new Apeture plugin which creates these next generation readers perfect for class.