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I just finished up Jeena’s podcast with Martijn van der Ven.

Do you Need your Domain? You are just renting your name

I loved the discussion at the line of where #indieweb begins and doesn’t end. It really boils down with an attitude but we get bogged down in the nouns of it all. My friends who have blogs hosted on platforms, blogger, or Google Sites (often legally bound to use employer’s servers) amaze me. Just spend a day watching the #ds106 daily create hashtag. I find it slightly annoying when folks say things like , “remember when the web was still weird” on Geocities, HTML 1, or even MySpace. The web is still weird. Maybe we just stopped looking.

Where’s the Love of Art? A Semantic Bias

My friends who live behind the silos are some of the most indie folks I know. They feed the Commons with hundreds of pieces of remixable content. Yet they want an art over text web every time. The silos win because that is where they can make pretty stuff.

I will also venture to say that the text only approach to the web is partly influenced¬†by the male hegemonic world that gave it birth. Sure ‘others’ gravitated to the web and carved out niche worlds but the argument of the dominace of text over images is as old as the first Broswer.I believe these arguments (if they would still be called that) would be different if more women had been in the room since the beginning.

Many people, regardless of gender, class, or any other society defined lable will choose pretty over performance.

I run into this WordPress (and was guilty myself until I switched to SemPress) all the time. People would rather give up webmentions and other plug-ins if it means giving up a theme they have worked on for a long time. To many the way the web page looks is more of an identity than the domain.

The simple complexity of building all these tools also makes what my friends do on the web near impossible. Building this stuff must be hard. I don’t do it. I just break it and complain and people push me until I can figure it out myself.

The people building the tools that allow #indieweb sites to connect are all open source volunteers. No one is paid. No structure exists, and they have been at it for twelve years. Yes a dozen years. Like many open source communities there aren’t a ton of designers involved.

I think there is hope. Tantek turned me on to CSS Grid. I knew it ws out there. I played some “flexbox freddy” (didn’t really now the difference…I like the rest of the world have been under the bootstrap)I have tried to bridge the space between my friends and doing art on your own with projects like walkmyworld. as I was trying to learn CSS layout.

This will be so much easier with CSS Grid. I think many software engineers will be able to create layouts that allow for the flexible layering of different media types pulled from around the web. I think who ever builds the next iteration of something like Popcorn or Zeega wil make somethign really cool.

Values before Volume

Mission statements, codes of conducts, and success in general work best when a diverse group of people co-exists in spaces of shared values.

I do hope for a day where my friends all over eduTwitter gather using decentralized services. I fight (and lose 100%) for my professional organizations to move more into the open. yet we won’t get ther tomorrow. The tools are close but they are not ready for mass market.

That is okay. The #indieweb is about control and not disruption.

I am cool with it because I know my firends and your friends share our values. We can invite them to our world. We can learn out loud as we build tools and as we build the tools so graciously built by others. We do this not on the latest tech. They are a dogfooding crowd.

I am currently trying to build basic html templates folks could use in teaching classrooms and pop up learning events. Hopefully my friends either join me or decide to use them.

Personally I want to unite with my friends around our shared values of open pedagogy. I wanto focus on the  need to ensure our students can live where they do not hand off up to 9.2 hours of their daily identity work over to corporate interests.

Thank you to everyone in the #indieweb community for all you do.