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feel free to check it out,

If you want to join us for Digital Teaching and Learning II I am offering the class for credit or for free to anyone. It will begin in late July. Gonna be fun. Keep watching.

J. Gregory McVerry (
One of my major #indieweb goals it to have a class website, a static professional group page, and a syllabus template done for the IndieWeb Summit.

I feel like I made it pretty far tonight. If you want to check out the code or help out. Here it is on @glitch!/join/d3fbbc5e-dbc3-419b-87c6-eda771af0238

Firefox Screenshots (
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Got a ways to go, but at its essence this the layout I want. I will alternate colors of each section and then use a grid system to build this in CSS Grid:

With time I should be able to strip everything away, knock over somebody else’s blocks and build the castle I want.

Really excited about CSS Grid. So much more conceptually easy to grasp than floats, displays, etc. So much lighter and eventually easier than Bootstrap.

CSS Grid Layout + Firefox = ❤️ (
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I just discovered Firefox Developer Edition. OMG best CSS Grid tutorial ever combined with an amazing console along the way. Be able to make my microformat compatible syllabus before classes start Monday (maybe)
Certification and Master's Degree Programs (
I am excited to announce the post-baccalaureate certification programs At Southern Connecticut State University. We had no idea the demand for a ceritifcation pathway after Bachelor’s would be this strong. If you have thought about becoming a teacher please reach out.

I also undertook efforts to build the web pages for these programs.

I removed the circle imagess I had. The page load for 12 unnecessary images wasn’t worth it. While the pictures wouldn’t fail the Taft test and did provide models for our prospective students I worry about the data plans many of our students live under. Every bit I can do to help counts.

On the pages themselves I went with an Accordion Table. Long term university catalog and department pages should populate from the same database. Until then I tried to give the pages the exact same navigational feel. I also added links to our road maps, information about our scholarships, and screenshot instructions on how to apply to the program.



Humanize not Disrupt: Misadventures in 21st Century Skills #edtechchat (INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION)
What about Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)? She helped create the analytical engine. Commonly recognized as the first computer. She wrote the first algorithm.  Could she not problem solve? Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) flickr photo shared by Mathematical Association of America under a Creative Commons ( BY-ND...
Feel free to pnuch anyone in the face who still says “21st century skills.”