IndieWebCamp NYC 2019

Collection by Greg McVerry and published

On October 5 and 6th of 2019 we gathered for the 7th IndieWebCamp NYC. Thanks once again to our sponsors Pace Unviersity for the space, Mozilla for the Friday Night Social. ReVIEW Talent Feedback System for Sunday's Lunch, and Customer Servant Consultancy for video captioning.

Approaching the City

Woke up early and hopped in the car. Was gonna train in but the Financial District empty on the weekdnds.

Pronoun Buttons

We got everyone registered. Said hello to friends old and new.

Great Keynotes

Amira Dhalla spoke on privacy and Amber Rush discussed accessibility.

Audience Enthralled

Bioth keynote reitareted we must design and build for all

Marty Explains Unconferences

Marty took the lead running the session board

Finalizing Session Grid

The session grid quickly filled up

What to Ask Session

Mathhew Griffin proposed and ran a session on "What to Ask before getting started?"

What Tools Are Out There Session

David Shankse sharing his WordPress love

EtherPad and Wikis

It's all Open Source All the Time. Great tools

Great First Day

Tantek, Mu-An, Dmitri, Josephine, Tiara. Amira, Zephyr, Michael, James, Marty Greg

2nd Day = Hack Day

On the second day we hack on our websites. Here's Nicole checking out themes for her new website.

New Personal Webistes Go Live

Teone alsao worked hard to get his new personal website up and running on his own domain

Tracking Progess on a Task Board

At the start of Day 2 everyone lists their personal goals and adds them to the task board.

David Hacking Away

We can't have an IndieWebCamp NYC without David and his mechanical keyboard.

Relying on peer support

Dmitiri, and Josephine checking out work Nicole has done.

Conferring with friends.

Tantek asking Marty for advice on adding invitees to events

Tantek hacking away

As the end of day nears folks fall silent and get to work for demos

Marty hacking away

Marty trying to finish up his SnapChat like micropub img filters project

Moving a Task to Complete

Just before demo time Nicole moves her card for "Make a new website" to completed

An Amazing Day 2

Everyone learned so much and had such a great time at IndieWebCamp NYC 2019. Day Two @indiewebcamp NYC Crew Left to Right Row One: @nshad314, @tiereeee, Josephine, Zephyr. Back Row: @jgmac1106 @t @dmitshur, @teonbrooks, @dshanske,