Online Reading Comprehension and the iPad


Teach students to recognize the difference between thick and thin questions.

Thick questions are open ended and broad.

  • In expository inquires this is the topic “Who was George Washington Carver?”
  • In argumentative inquires this is the issue “Climate Change”

Thin questions are more focused and closed ended/

  • In expository inquiry these are usually the details “Where was George Washington Carver born?”
  • In argumentative inquires these are the arguments “Is Climate change  caused by human activity?”

On the iPad you can use concept maps to model and teach the difference between thick and thin questions.


What do Good Readers Do?
I know how to use different search engines.I know how to use internal search engines.I know how to edit and revise keywords.I know simple search strategies for making my searches more specific.I know advanced features of search engines and how to use them.

Complete a Google a Day with Students

  • Assign students to groups
  • Go to Wonderopolis

  • Have students complete the Search a Day Activity
  • Discuss the keyword groups pickd
  • Discussed the search results they found.

Create a Google Custom Search

  • Click on create your own search.
  • Then add a title and websites you want students to search.

  • Add both relevant and irrelevant results
  • Add some relevant but websites above reading level.

Then click edit your search engine
Then click the link labeled homepage.

Copy and Paste the URL.

Add the link to your Google Site.