Annotating Text on an iPad

The iPad can be a wonderful tool for teaching text structure or completing close reading activities.
You can use:

Fiction books available in the iBook (See Picture Book Tutorial)
Informational texts in apps such as iStorybook.
Taking screenshots of informational texts and importing them into whiteboard apps.

Using your iPad as a document camera.

The first step in using the iPad for think alouds is to create a text copy that can be annotated by the students.

Step one: Develop your learning activity.

Decide what aspect of reading you wish to teach.
Choose a text.
Preview the texts. Identify elements of the text and genre you wish to highlight with
Choose an additional text or sections for guided or independent practice.

Take screen shots of a text you are reading in class.

Open up the book and lay it flat in a well lit area.
Select the camera app on the iPad.
Take a picture of the page you wish to annotate.
Upload the image to a private file sharing system. Google Drive or Dropbox. Do not make the
image public.

Assessing Student Annotation of Text

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Elements to Look for in Annotated Texts by Elementary Students:

Highlight the Main Idea
Underline Supporting Details
Circle Key Vocabulary Words
Define Key Vocabulary Words in the Margins
Circe Important Transition Words
Label Pictures.