Interactive White Board Apps

Screencasting and WhiteBoards

Using a WhiteBoard App as a Teacher

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is one of the most powerful tools for teachers. It turns your iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard. You will have to purchase it using your iTunes card.

Explain Everything will allow you:

  • to record all of your classroom presentations
  • create a series of mini-lessons
  • upload your presentations to your class


Using a Whiteboard App with Students
show me.jpeg
ShowMe, a free screen capture iPad apps allow you to record and share information and ideas with your students and allow you students to present their knowledge and ideas (Speaking and Listening: Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas).

Show Me has many prerecorded screen captures that are easily accessible and organized by content area (though not vetted, be sure to watch before you share).

The possibilities of supporting your students and the CCSS  are endless:

  • Storyboard a piece of writing
  • Retell a story
  • Explain how text features support your comprehension
  • Recite a poem
  • Explain how you figured out a word
  • Share your thinking about an image
  • Use a map to explain how the terrain effects economic opportunities
  • Solve a math problem
  • Explain a science experiment
  • Describe a character

Handy Tip: Did you know if you hold the power/hold button (one at the top) and the home button (round one at bottom of screen) you can take a screen shot of your iPad screen?

ShowMe allows you to :

  • import a background image from the camera roll
  • choose pen colors for drawing
  • erase areas of the screen or the entire page
  • record voice along with what is happening on the screen
  • upload for online viewing

Show Me has an undo option and import a photo from the camera, and search for images. You do need to register (free) to share videos. Show Me, when you register, also allows you to:

  • Follow: You can follow people on ShowMe to get updates on what they’re learning or sharing.
  • Like: When you watch a lesson you enjoy, let the teacher know! Use the Like button located to the right of each ShowMe.
  • Topics: Have a topic you are interested in? Follow topics on ShowMe, and we’ll r

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