How to Install Known on Reclaim Hosting

Published by J. Gregroy McVerry on

Step By Step Guide to Installing Known

  • Make a domain or subdomain in CPanel
  • Issue a Let's Encrypt Certifcate
  • Go back to CPanel and click on All Applications
  • Choose Known and then select your new domain or subdomain. make sure to install in https
  • After installation go back to CPanel and chose Terminal
  • Change directories direectories to your new domain or subdomain by typing: cd directoryname
  • Copy this line into Terminal. It updates to the latest version: git clone
  • Go to Get Composer
  • Copy the code at the top and paste it into Terminal. I can not add the download code here as it changes with new versions of Composer
  • Then paste this line into Terminal:
    cd known; composer install
  • When that is done paste the following line into Terminal to remove a file permissions error:
    find . -type f | xargs -i{} chmod 644 {}
  • You are done and your Known site is now up to date
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