Designs That Inspire Me

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@julesforrest I hope you can turn points in and get candy or erasers to go on top of pencils here are a few that inspire me: for just being a manifestation of self in design. (Also on
Same with Also on the design just captures the personality. Plus the copyright snark that changes is worthy of it's own feed.
Also have to love for the sheer customization and integration of quantified self data, the background changes on location, and the avatar changes based on the emoji in a post, ohh and you can make pixel art. (Also on
I you dig brutalism check out: and Also on (Also on
@jgmac1106 This is a really cool way to display music history: the animation on the dials: : amazeballs (Also on
If you are into design and BBQ check out how documents it all. Plus his design around archiving and months is cool. (Also on is my go to expert on CSS. I enjoy her design, especially the neat use of text. (Also on
I love for the design and for the documentation that goes into building the CMS....gets 154,375 PRs to the repo every day. (Also on
This cat has a pretty simple Tumblr like inspired design: (Also on
@jgmac1106 puts a lot of time and energy thinking about readability and text. (Also on

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