How to Remote Participate at #IndieWeb Summit #edtechchat #literacies #NotAtISTE @vconnecting

Planning on a couch tour for the #IndieWeb summit? Here is a quick guide.
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  • Join the IndieWeb you can use the chatroom or on IRC. The server is and then choose port: 6697 (usually default. You can learn more about the channels on discuss. To join on slack visit our channel.
  • Follow the schedule All times are local.
  • If you are using social media use the hashtag #IndieWebCamp
  • All of the keynotes will be streamed live. URLs will be shared as sessions begin. They will also be archived on YouTube.
  • Introductions occur During lightning rounds. This happens at 11:45. As a remote participant please answer the following prompts in the #IndieWeb chatroom (feel free to post time shifted if 11:45 pdt does not work in your local timezone):
    • What is my Domain? Why?
    • What is one cool thing you did?
    • What is the next thing you want to try?
  • At 14:00 the unconference sessions begin. Each session will be streamed, have a hashtag, and an etherpad. Check the schedule grid for sessions.
  • If you would like to propose a session as a remote attendee ping me and I will make sure your idea is considered.
  • Vote with your browser. If you are in a remote session and you do not enjoy feel free to get up and go to another room.
  • Add yourself to: Remote Participants Guest Book‘ to indicate interest in remote participation!
  • Please do not register for a ticket on, since we use those registration numbers to estimate food and space requirements

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