How I will Assess…I mean Contribute to a Community of Writers #OpenBadges

There will be no rubrics. Just feedback.

There will be no numbers just criteria and evidence.

The Academic Blogger Pathway

Students accomplish the pathway by earning badges. Students must provide  evidence of their growing capacity as a writer. There are nine badges to earn before a student can earn the academic blogger credential.

New Blogger

A “Hello World” credential with critical importance. It takes quite some time to onboard the entire class and teach them how to share a url to a post. About 50% will share a link to their WordPress profile.

Ideas and Content

This badge I want to get at the organization of thought and the the presenting of thinking. I will award to students as I see their work grow. When students begin to blog I may get one short paragraph and then a few post later one long paragraph. I am okay with this. Focus on the on boarding early. Overtime I will reword this badge when I see greater cohesion of work. Students can nominate each other for this badge,

Providing Attribution

I could care less if you get your commas write in APA. Attribution is the way of writing and not simply an academic task. This badge will be self-nominated.

Finding Voice

I promise to be absolutely subjective in awarding this badge. It is for growth in a writer’s voice. The emergence of a somewhat stable identity. Students can nominate peers for this badge.

Revising for Content

This class fils a Writing Intensive requirement. Therefore revision (as ifit isn’t always important) is critical to your success. This is a self nominated badge after a student makes three substantial revisions.

Writing Conventions

Fix your misteaks. Earn a badge.

Using Blog Affordances

This is a self or peer nominated badge. I am looking for headers, images and video. Keep your paragraphs frequent and short.

Community Commenter

You can’t teach writing without community. I will give this badge out (with scarcity) to those who contribute to meaningful conversation through commenting. This can be on a person’s blog or a class stream.

How Will You Apply?

I want the burden of proving excellence on my students. They should be nominating each other and them selves. The credentialing platform I use doesn’t allow for submissions just the issuing of badges. So in the next few days I will create a Google to nominate people.



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  1. Hey @aaron thanks for reaching out. I actually started to use BadgeOS so I can handle user submissions in a course built in WordPress.


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