Failing a Little Bit Better But Want to Fail Together

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry is a teacher, researcher and scholar at Southern Connecticut State University.

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2 Responses

  1. Rafi Santo says:

    Greg, it’s been so great to reconnect with you through the course, and to discover that you’ve been involved in Mozilla’s education work as well. +1 to bringing a Hive to New Haven!

    It’s fascinating to hear a little bit about your own history in relation to DBR and similar approaches. I’m not explicitly familiar with formative design, but it sounds super relevant to these conversations. Perhaps you’d be able to share at some point over the course where you see Formative Design fitting in with the group of approaches we’ve been discussing.

    And hearing about your own challenges putting these approaches into practice is also I think quite instructive for others that might be in similar positions. Bumping into testing within the school context, into your own demands of being faculty at a teaching university, all of these need to be put on the table if we’re going to evolve and resolve design-oriented approaches to research within both the contexts we’re trying to being new designs to, but also the contexts we are in institutionally that might support (or hinder) that work depending on how they’re structured.

    • Greg McVerry says:

      Thanks Rafi. Your talk and Chris’s conversation of when is it design and when is it design research was very informative.

      I will put together a post on Formative Design but its just another naming lens it just seems to align with DBIR more than DBR. Lindy is probably our resident formative design scholar.

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