Dreaming of Memories and Futures: Happy Birthday Bobby

CC-BY-NC Ken Slade. Mockingbird. Flickr

CC-BY-NC Ken Slade. Mockingbird. Flickr

For this walk I share a birthday present for my nephew. I often find myself dreaming of Baby Bobby. In both waking and sleeping hours we all keep him close.



We look for his grace in the small corners of our lives. It might be a passing cloud or a child’s smile. When we least expect it Everywhere we look Bobby honors us all.


So today on your birthday I tip my hat as we celebrate the art of living. A joy remind us of every day.

Happy Birthday Bobby.


The text:

Unfolded dreams

neatly tucked in time’s tight


Nature’s hand

indiscriminate grasp

an art freed, too bright

for any vessel.


It is your dreams we

see unfolded in

corners of our lives.

Memories of time shared

and moments

of futures found.


Scattered beauty in angles

yet unraveled.

A whisper carried on winds

a teacher’s passion

heat after hardened rain

A line of prose

maybe we meet–an allegory

in Harper’s sequel


Our futures unfold together

as art we see and cast

upon the world.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry is a teacher, researcher and scholar at Southern Connecticut State University.

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