Connected Learning MOOC

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry is a teacher, researcher and scholar at Southern Connecticut State University.

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4 Responses

  1. Glad to have you at CLMOOC and I hope we can live up to expectations there. One recommendation I might make is that you also visit NWP’s awesome Digital.Is site: You will find lots of cool resources like this one by Kevin Hodgson on avatars:

    Also, if you haven’t done it already, we are aggregating all blog posts that Categorize themselves as CLMOOC. Here is the link for that as well:

    Several in our community have expressed interest or expertise in classroom coding already and you might want to keep cruising the G+ community for fellow teacher-coders. Welcome.

  2. Jaap says:

    Hi Gregory, nice avatar you made. So you are new on wordpress, compliments on your blog.
    Maybe you could make your banners all the same measures, now your text is going up and down with every new banner.
    See you in the Mooc

    • Brokenarrow8 says:

      Thx. Jaap. It is on my punchlist. I debated whether to wait until I had the site finished and polished but I wanted to make my trials public and try to allow the space to be part of the rough draft of my life.

  3. Great avatar Greg. I love your description of the foundation of your creative power: “the tech is simply the text and tool I use make my meaning on the world”.

    I look forward to learning with you in #clmooc.
    Rhonda Jessen

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