Combining #IndieWeb and @VConnecting efforts at the Summit

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We wrapped up the #IndieWeb Leaders meeting today at the Mozilla offices in Portland. Simultaneously I and the Virtually Connecting Leadership team discussed how best to bring the remote attendees to the summit.

Then we realized we don’t need to. Virtually Connecting provides a wonderful services that help underrepresented peoples attend conferences they could never afford. The events the team throws bring remote participation to conferences where “remote” is defined as “watch the stream and tweet” if remote attendance is mentioned at all.


h3>The #IndieWeb Summit is Different.



Remote attendance is stressed and planned for as much as on the ground. In fact at the #IndieWeb leaders meeting we had attendees from across the globe. At the summit the next two days all keynotes are live streamed and archived on YouTube (just like Virtually Connecting), there are two rooms for remote collaboration where people can gather (just like Virtual buddies for Virtually Connecting). We have an IRC, Matrix, and Slack chat that connect everything together (similar to the VC channels).

In essence The #IndieWeb Summit builds in the ethos of Virtually Connecting. Therefore we decided to combine our efforts and just encourage everyone to use the pathways for remote participation that already exist.

Joining Communities

I have long wanted to bring the folks I hang with at Virtually Connecting and through our online spaces like #ds106, #clmooc, #rhizo, and others. Being on the IndieWeb just means owning your data and carving out a place online. That’s it. Most everyone I know in my community is th #IndieWeb.

Yet there are new tools emerging that help connect Indie website together I think folks in EduTwitter want. I also think we should be more cognizant of forcing people into channels that profit from harvesting data.

Is this the kind of behavior we want to model with our students? Should we stress the importance of owning your data? These are questions I know we educators wrestle with. I hope many of you join me in seeking these answers.

So if you were planning to attend the Virtually Connecting sessions at #IndieWeb you still can. We are just going to rely on the amazing remote options built into summit. I will publish a guide on how to remote at the summit later tonight.

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