History of CLMOOC in Verse

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A collection of poems butchering the #clmooc history as bad as the #poetry

Someone just asked what to the letters c l m o o c mean so I did the #clmooc thing and responded with a string of poetry.

Seek glory in no letters
beyond those
others master
teachers of writing
more writers
     of teaching
applying our pens
   of poetry
to possibilities atop
the pupils' paper

#clmooc according to lore
bore witness
snippets in history
when networked learning
a mystery
charlatan's danced
with snake oil MOOCS
yet few cooks,
connected to NWP
designed a space for me
us, them
bards with blogs

after last bell
hallways emptied
only sound
loose locker door
hanging over a
smashed crayon
burnt orange reminder
of child's smiles
connected learning MOOC
spurt forth
meaning to burst
open like final
school doors

MOOC's shine
revealed as polish
of privilege
#clmooc holds
roots of a rudderless
definition massively open,
not enrolled,
just networked nomads
learn out loud
Open, Seeking
Poets, Painters,
Art = #literacies

existed, persisted
in siloed spaces
capitalism erases
like many teachers
Google+ our home
until, corporate greed
left us alone
so we roam
in spaces we own
web rings
and rss feeds
silent sundays
weekend haikus

water colors
turned to poems
remixed into jazz
converted to a zine
cut up
and those lucky enough
find a #clmooc postcard
doodle or poem
for we make no
distinction between
physical and digital

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