I wouldn’t want them to be equal to the degree. Though remember inequality could go both ways who to sya they couldn’t be better. Your certificate programs should be degree feeder programs. You run sessions as a conference or even pop up events in open for free, for profit certs, and possibly for credit option diversifying, offer 1 class discounts to participants who go on to enter relevant degree field.
Blockchain-schmockchain. I mean basically comment sent from a universities website to a student’s website saying you earned, “X” credential. It creates a loop between the evidence (student’s post) and the criteria (the faculty class page). Two permalinks+universities street cred=credential
And meaning is still situated. I have never seen the movie I had no idea who the crying old lady was and who she hasn’t seen in 84 years.
Stackable credentials shouldn’t be hard. In fact the university should make the brand the process. I think they could even use something as simple as two permalinks to credential students on a #DOO here is my thinking: http://jgregorymcverry.com/can-we-have-an-indieweb-webmentions-credentialing-system-openbadges/ What if to credential someone a university just sent a webmention to the place on student’s website where they document evidence that meets criteria?
I try to keep my instructional design simple. Something I honed with @wiobyrne. Good learning is reading, writing, and participating. The mode, while repeated and diverse helps with learning, doesn’t matter. I could do it over SMS in rural environments if need be. Something I am trying to build into lightweight sites that won’t cost bandwidth in rural or urban environments. In #NHV I plan to teach with data caps.
No we need to look beyond degreed programs for professionals that bring in revenue while increasing enrollment through halo effects, transform our cities into the campus through our high school and community colleges dual credit programs, we make transferring seamless through analysis of student curated portfolios or better yet their web presence, teach how to read and write the web, including the silos, but fight like hell for a better way forward.
How program approval works in #HigherEd for new technology: write proposal>department curriculum committee>edit proposal>department curriculum committee>Department meeting>school wide curriculum committee>UCF sub committee>Full UCF>Provost>State Board of Regents, and everything paper based and signed in triplicate the whole way, lost a few times>finally to Feds for approval. Ohh yeah nobody is using that technology anymore. Time to start over.
And #HigherEd has been around for centuries. If we haven’t figured out you need to teach faculty how to teach then something is seriously wrong. Further the Web has been around for almost three decades, if you don’t have enough faculty to teach online than your university has serious hiring and supervision issues. Ohh you mean you don’t teach chairs how to supervise teaching? See point A
I will see your hyphen and raise you a Big “X” little “x” combined with a trans anything topped with breaking all the capitalization rules.
Now look around our campuses how many faculty could actually teach effective facebook marketing? It takes years to get programs approved why should facebook wait? It cost $1,000s a class why should students, or better yet a small businness owner looking to up their skills pay?