Just found this https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/citationbuilder/ from @ncsulibraries when searching for correct APA 6 HTML for the work I am doing with @martijnvdven to help build easy to follow roadways Academics can use to onboard to the #IndieWeb. We started by trying to create an MF2 citation builder to be part of an MF2 static course website. @martijnvdven thinking we can fork this and add microformats to these templates.
@learningtech Thanks for the follow and the like. If you have any interest in bringing the #IndieWeb to #NHV I am running a Virtual Homebrew Website Club all summer Wed 830 pm edt and Thursday 2:00 pm edt. We will set up f2f meetings once the academic year rolls back into session.
Read Write Collect by Aaron DavisAaron Davis (collect.readwriterespond.com)
Let me know how I can help Greg. I always find it hard to contribute and give back. In part based on time, but also feeling that I am at a different level.

Here is the protocol i developed. Open to feedback on how to do process better. You have mad skills you can bring to contributing to #IndieWeb. Don’t need much for this task, but time I can’t help with. Still you can plug away at this quickly: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19l28iCNAcMiwL2Tpko0GhiLVAVyl9DPltNS8ZvumwoE/edit?usp=sharing

For us all to agree that naming things is hard and to get back to teaching. Realize operationalized definitions work when fidelity is the goal but we need to allow the flexibility for spaces with a shared vision to adapt to local contexts in order to maximize strategy exchange, knowledge brokering, and enculturation.
Hey #literacies #doo #engchat #digped #edtechchat #edtechafterdark #ds106 the #IndieWeb @WordPress community is recruiting some volunteers. Great way for non-technical person to make first contribution.
Looking for an way to start contributing to the @WordPress #IndieWeb community? No coding or theme editing necessary? We need help testing and recording different syndication tools for a few themes. Basically publishing a bunch of test posts under a variety of conditions and recording what happens in a gDoc. Great way to give back or get involved in this community. #edtechchat #DoOO #digped #ds106 #literacies #CTCASLchat
@raamdev I am going through and writing documentation for #IndieWeb WordPress themes. Independent Publisher is awesome! I wanted to check if you are still actively developing Independent Publisher and if it should be included still be included as a 100% compatible theme option.