So @mozilla has taken a few approaches with the Global Sprint (plus and minus as most projects go nowhere). The first bug approach (assumes a skill level but okay) while trying to model some (but often less) practices in the open. #IndieWeb does a scratch your itch approach. That works as well but they don’t have to generate bad data for KPIs that can be turned into pretty decks. Nobody has figured out ways to get more designers and community manager non-technical folks.
First be encouraging folks to carve out their own domain online and then through open experiences like the Digital Teaching and Learning class I am openly offering in July. Follow along with the development here:!/join/582993e2-abab-4046-a954-dd639e6966b9
Did you read this when it came out earlier this year:
Awesome.  May draft the letter of intent tonight. Doing a study in two states will be richer. Let us see who else wants to get involved. Will share a Google Folder later.
Can the #IndieWeb Improve Better Readers and Writers Online? (
I have long believed the best way to improve student reading and writing performance in online environments is to provide students with their own domain on the web. In fact in the ten years I have studied children reading and writing online I believe our skills around reading and complex problems so...
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Anyone want to collaborate on a federal grant application to build an #IndieWeb headless LMS to improve reading and writing?

Wow. Awesome. It is very preliminary now. Just collecting notes here. Haven’t gotten to Indpendent Press but it is quite popular: trying to record syndication behavior here: