The real answer is just find #ds106. Do That. What they do is the journey to open for many. Its about storytelling but could easily be code.
This is brilliant. I think we need to rethink educational research in general. Hundreds of millions spent annually and very few results to show for it. Make it community based where you invest in knowledge and knowhow of local assets. #TeacherEdChat
Is the importance of lived experience over theoretical work just your theory? #TeacherEdChat
I am more of a fan of “better” practices as we can all grow and what works in one context may not work in the other. Few pedagogical techniques transfer without strict pedaggy that can often remove motivation. #TeacherEdChat
Having students publish from their own domain (or subdomain, Google Sites, etc school own) is the best place to start. You need to create the culture of learning out loud across networks in your class. #teacheredchat
But I think it must begin by encouraging open reflection and learning from your own domain. I fought hard (and lost) not use Teachable but rather personal domains for Club Captain training. The training work I did for @sunnydeveloper assumed folks had their own site. I think the reps program (if that is where you are still) could benefit from an #indieweb mentality.