@anterobot @chadsansig Here is @martijnvdven thinking https://indieweb.org/User:Vanderven.se_martijn/Roleplaying_from_our_own_blogs
@timmyboy @jimgroom @brumface @reclaimhosting any chance of updating the package for Known with Installatron to sync with this: https://withknown.marcus-povey.co.uk/ While @withknown hasn’t released an official package @mapkyca and others actively supporting. I don’t want to have to teach students how to update 9.2 using SFTP or how to set up a MySQL database if they download latest build
@grahamforman Good luck at @edovatecapital and @edgarageco I wonder if we need an entire new funding model for #edtech. The long sales cycle and the number of primaries involved in purchasing makes the hockey stick growth more LPs need impossible. I wonder if smaller more focused investments on mission driven and sustainable companies were better. We have bootstrapped https://reviewtalentfeedback.com for four years now. Would probably be open to conversations with funders but I like to interview them more than worry about their filters.
I am always up for chatting. Be working from the office rest of the day if you want to hop on a videochat. I also run a weekly Virtual Homebrew Website Club: Blogging 101 session every Wed at 2:00 (except last week, bus came by and I got on). It is for beginner bloggers or for more advanced bloggers such as your self an intro to #IndieWeb WordPress
I also think church groups such as yours should embrace #indieweb philosophies and tools to ensure your voice and perspectives aren’t lost in the cacophony of “critical media” I disagree with @zephoria that these efforts can not (or haven’t yet) have a religious influence: https://medium.com/@jgmac1106/putting-it-into-perspective-7b0e5528a5a8
@anterobot @chadsansig  Meet @martijnvdven We have been brainstorming in #indieweb chat different ways AD&D could be played from individual blogs and syndicated to a common blog or feed. Figured you two probably have already done this. Are hang up is the table talk and non-sequential turning and planning.