It was my fault. Using a  plug in so uncategorized posts don’t show up on my post page, but I got quite used to categories. Need to get better at tags. Remembered you put it in your moments. Traced it back to tweet by @haromygritz
I have an idea. Hop into this file. Go to and fill out one of the modules so I don’t have to. Especially defining digital literacy. #PaintTheFence!/join/582993e2-abab-4046-a954-dd639e6966b9

Hey #edcamppdx Everyone is invited to the #IndieWeb summit June 26th-27th Going to be many educators there looking to see how we can help to teach with  and build a better web.
Can we #IndieWeb Google Scholar? #HigherEd (
So during my (ongoing) microformats crash course I have styled many citations. Writing an APA citation in html with proper markup takes time. A lot of time when you write a lot of citations. While I would consider a canonical link back to to a piece listed or displayed on an author’s website as le...
So @martijnvdven and I have been working on trying to create a microformats APA/MLA citation machine for my course and syllabi templates.Al was good until we tried to do books and book chapters.

The BibTex records Google Scholar spits out are garbage. Almost every @book title gets listed as a journal and I could find no citations correctly using @inbook

After @martijnvdven and I wrote out the html and did a few test cases a user would basdically have to rewrite the entire citation and we were left creating input fields for each BibTex field required in a citation. By that point you might as well just start with a blank form.

We will look to fork this instead and add the microformats since they have the phptemplates and input form fields completed already.

So can you build an #IndieWeb citation tool using Google Scholar? No. Too much garbage in, garbage out.

@fourtonfish If you can’t make it to the summit you should at least try to attend remotely a lot of people doing that and the streaming @aaronpk set’s up is awesome. I am also working with @virtuallyconnecting to bring the summit to more folks around the world and allow for remote participation. Your the person who started me on this journey so many years ago.
Sometimes when I am feeling down about my web skills I go read my WordPress spam. Everyone there thinks I am the most amazing webmaster, with fast loading speeds, great content, and something they were always looking for.