@fourtonfish the more and more I play with HTML and microformat parsers the easier it is to envision how learning btos could be triggered.

no use of headers in post
Hey, I noticed you never use headers in your post/ These visual cues really help readers understand your organization. Do you want to learn more about headers
some list of appositives
do you want to or have ?

In @glitch bot could be all like,”
no edits to any color classes
Hey I notice you haven’t changed any of the colors on your website. Would you like to learn how?

CEO EDU522 by CEOuimet (ceouimet.com)
Backstage Blog by admin admin (mrkean.com) I built image carousels on a few of my pages. These are effective ways to display many images on a static page without overloading the page with pictures all over the place. It allows a gallery without diluting content. Select images that you would want to ...
When you design for c0-learning it just happens. That is the joy of #openpedagogy. The community is the content. The teacher the student and the student the teacher.
And now that tweet is captured as a piece of evidence in the graphic organizer to make it into the digital essay. #ds106 #clmooc
@downes looking forward to it I am sure everyone here happy to play.
@budtheteacher I am hoping it looks a little something like this. Our proposed Theory of Change in #QuestionTheWeb