We will see about #ncte18. The NCTE>Thanksgiving>LRA and find time to teach turn around is crazy, but @NCTE been most forward thinking in awhile. Though I think our professional orgs need to move to an #IndieWeb model where members have their own blogs and we create a community layer on top.
Equity and Digital Literacies | New Haven Independent (New Haven Independent)
Josiah Brown, a volunteer member of the board of the Literacy Coalition of Greater New Haven, sent this account of an event in which the Coalition was involved. On...
Even the best of us can make security mistakes. Here @amriad and I present on digital equity and I leave the temporary wifi account credentials on the board. Did not think about audience members and journalists taking pictures and live tweeting.
Hey all #digped #doo #ds106 friends is anyone on @ReclaimHosting and publishing to WordPress using a micropub client successfully? Trying to figure out why my header authorization is still messing up my endpoints. by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com)
If you do I would love to peek behind the scenes of your site to see where I am going wrong.
@pilch I have filed a support ticket with @timmyboy. @mrkndvs and @wiobyrne plus a few others noted same problem. Make sure you do this to your .htaccess file https://gist.github.com/jgmac1106/7a473d25bcefa97f799c884bd02e081a We will figure it out so we can get micropub clients going.
First look at the value judgements. I was making no claims as to supremacy. Just wondering which is a better predictor of later literacy achievement. Could have nothing to do with reading and be a proxy for zip code. We could control for that. Many would already argue literacy is a proxy for zip code.

Also as a caveat in my Pecha Flickr I often conflated alphabetic principle and print awareness. Teaching is improv. You are prone to occasional oversight.

What do we know from research? Evidence does suggest comprehension is higher in print over pixel. Students may perform better on writing measures when given a word processor.

We don’t know how much variance there are in SBAC scores due to tech fluency. This data could and should be made public.

We also know the world of literacy has shifted massively in the last thirty years. We have a responsibility to teach both print and pixel

When we first started blogging in my class about Mythology in 2006 my goal was never to have you recite the Parthenon. I wanted you to compare strategy use when moving from print to screen. We went and identified markers of credibility to try and decide what makes information useful and truthful. I then had you put this all together by developing a fictitious culture and their creation myth. Finally everyone designed rudimentary “Choose Your Own Adventure” games using action buttons in PPT.

The point isn’t about what leads to better literacy computers or tablets. The point is literacy is technology.

Twitter is a great place for educators. We have carved out a great place. I found out about you mentioning my post from a webmention. It’s part of the #IndiewWeb @WordPress plug-ins We discussed.

a post
I love the Wild West of badging. Let communities establish their own credentialing pathways around the values of learning they share.

For businesses and employability these credentials will be linked to observable skills. It’s what they value.

By headless LMS I mean the web. I want students to own their domain and own their data. Focus more on presence than portfolios really. The system becomes the api driven community that lives on top.

We keep the mark up as simple as possible to help parse evidence and let machine learning do much of the work in many fields. Writing, math, etc. We are talking patterns that machines will always be better at.

Let humans focus on the feedback that drive growth and build systems that can track that growth.

In the end a credential is just an Authority saying you have the skills to accomplish something. It is a dichotomous measure. Even if it is awarded on a range of scores in a rubric. You either have it or you don’t.

What badges do now is allow that evidence and criteria to explicitly linked. (I know folks hate the baggage of the , but using “credential” is such a PITA on the backend, documentation, and auth process I shy away… I will argue definitions with academics over engineers any day)

On blogger pronouns by https://colinwalker.blog/Colin%20Walker.png Colin Walkerhttps://colinwalker.blog/Colin%20Walker.png Colin Walker (colinwalker.blog)
The discussion around whether responses to other people should be written in the second person has developed with point and counterpoint being made in equal measure. I am deliberately writing this in the (more usual) third person because of what it is in response to. "The more I think about, the mor...
“What up, Colin I dig this post”

“Third person is how we sound smarterest (Walker, 2016)”

“The best approach to commenting on blogs recognizes cultural differences in naming authors. While Colin Walker laid out strong arguments for a third person web….”

Shift from third
temporal mental
letter writing
blogs as vehicles
become involved

Your post inspired a found poem”

It’s the #IndieWeb. Be independent. Forget conventions. Keep the web weird.

It’s the #IndieWeb. It’s your Domain. Don’t like my comment? Cool delete it.

I get to keep it. It’s on my domain. It’s the #IndieWeb

We do need to focus on inclusive pronouns and that includes firs, second, third and all the persons in between.

Throw back to @ncte 2008 where @lauriehenry @wiobryne @lzread98 and I presented on blogging: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gucNmY8rQ5ffKJQf7-2pyV-ei7qXxVlF2KboKaU05KY/edit?usp=sharing My slides blank I presented from my student blogs. #IndieWeb is a value not a technology
I see the confusion now. Concepts of print is really an emergent literacy skill, title, author, picture, word, capital, period, sentence, left to right (in wesern civ) etc. In terms of pixel or print? #IWantAlltheTexts. BTW I am publishing all htese from my site using the #indieweb stuff we talked about.