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New Stream Brings Dream of Decentralized LMS Closer

I am excited for the newly redesigned Stream launched by I now have a major piece in my jigsaw of trying to remix a decentralized Learning Management System (LMS). In the years I have spent researching literacies and literacy acquisition I have come across a pattern no matter the mode a reader uses. When…

Laura Gibbs: A Designer of the Decentralized LMS

Since I began exploring boundaries outside of the traditional LMS I have followed the work of Laura Gibbs. Laura is an online instructor at the University of Oklahoma and uses Inoreader to build an awesome interface for her students. Laura also includes a stream of all the comments across both her classes and links to…

Glimpses at the Possibilities of a Decentralized LMS

I checked out the #helloweb website: It is a vision of the decentralized LMS I want. The website is part of the #Helloweb campaign,  a Mozilla project to teach web literacy across rural India. I like the site. It is actually  super easy to do, but looks good. Just the grid view of embedded Twitter timeline.…