Building a Podcast Feed

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Backstage Post on Building a Podcast Feed

My middle child Ben has really enjoyed having a As part of this journey Ben has started a few podcast series. One on dogbreeds and a second show explaining the backstory of each of hist stuffed animals

As a suprise for him learned how to create a podcast feed and submit it to Itunes,, and PocketCast. I needed to learn as part of my WordPress migration plan. I stumbled a few times but I drove home listening to episode 2.

Building the Feed

I began by first building an RSS feed. I first grabbed the rss feed from Known for the audio post. I tried to create a tag in the post and then see if I could use that link on It did not work. I tried without the tag and it to did not work. I had just learned how to add an RSS feed to this site so I googled and copy and pasted an Itunes podcast feed. Actually I didn't specify ITunes it was just the first template I found so I said why not.

I created an xml file and then put it on Ben's domain. Folks in the #IndieWeb dev channel gave me a few parsers to try. The feed worked ion the parsers...almost. I then asked in #IndieWeb /Dev and online what I did wrong. After removing the slash the feed could parse..again almost

Building a Page.

The podcast episodes worked but the podcast page could not be recognized. Well I could add it to and add the webring on Ben's profile but the podcast website was not found. Trying to go to did not work. Trying to go to the page using the tag did not work. So I quickly threw up No style or anything just a landing page. It worked! I could add the podcast every, except Apple

Doing Things the Apple Way

I could not get the Apple validator to work. The hardest issue to solve was the category. I could not get "toys" accepted. I thought I made a mistake in the syntax or the template had a mistake. I used spaces, not spaces, words, etc. Nothing worked. The validator said I had no category. After some more searching I found out that you have to use Apple's categories. Success!

Yet I could not pass all the tests. My image was wrong. I wish the one I used didn't have the red eye but I was moving quick and needed a picture. We will edit it later or do another shoot. Apple wants a 1400X14000 image. I first I thought any square image would do but those dimensions be the law of the land. So I hopped over to cut out a square and then scaled it up to 1400x1400. I should start over rather than using a previously resized image but again, moving quick. After editing the image I passed the test and now we wait for approval.

I did get the show into pocketcast but could not discover it. I copied in the the link to the XML file and got to listen to Ben describe "The Twins"