I can not believe @hertling  http://www.williamhertling.com/ will be the keynote address at the #IndieWeb summit.

Hands down my favorite techno-thriller writer and now that I know he believes the #IndieWeb is the way to avoid the dystopian future(s) he imagines even cooler.

Awesome and good luck. Stop by https://chat.indieweb.org if you need help or better yet I am conducting a UX study and want folks to do a “think aloud ” as they #IndieWeb to identify weaknesses in documentation. 1:1 coaching you in?
It was my fault. Using a  plug in so uncategorized posts don’t show up on my post page, but I got quite used to categories. Need to get better at tags. Remembered you put it in your moments. Traced it back to tweet by @haromygritz
I have an idea. Hop into this file. Go to notes.md and fill out one of the modules so I don’t have to. Especially defining digital literacy. #PaintTheFence


Hey #edcamppdx Everyone is invited to the #IndieWeb summit June 26th-27th https://2018.indieweb.org Going to be many educators there looking to see how we can help to teach with  and build a better web.