It’s noise for a reason and all data has a story to tell especially when publishing.
On a related note (and I only read the tweets and not the OG post) I would much rather we use scientific sampling for judging and grade band testing rather than annual testing of every kid. Though I don’t know how you pick who gets the short straw. I know folks who make a civil rights argument for testing say you can’t measure subgroubs without full testing but I don’t know enough to counter the claim so I try to listen. Ohh and converting effect sizes into days of extra learning…Hate that.
@tomloveless…hmm a researcher trying to argue that thier insignificant results matter…Yes in almost every research study I review for a publication. Do they get a recommendation? Better be really compelling. I prefer judging an effect size but often have to calculate that and a power analysis myself.
The idea that you have to strap something to your head where you can’t see actual people so you can learn to be nice to fake people just doesn’t sit well. That being said I like that you could put children in ethical dilemmas without an actual dilemma. #edtechchat
@mweller I am thinking something like this: We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or add complex systems to remediate assessment.
If there wasn’t any statistical significance it looks like noise. It is noise. There was no difference.
25 Years of EdTech: 2008 – eportfolios by mweller ( by a sound idea. The e-portfolio was a place to store all the evidence a learner gathered to exhibit learning, both formal and informal, in order to support lifelong learning and career dev...
@mweller @morrispelzel I built my first e-porfolio system using HyperCard a long time back. I wanted to replace the writing folders that just gathered dust as they followed students around. I believed then as I do now a student website would be better.

You are correct. We need a web presence not portfolios. A bunch of us in the #IndieWeb community are also looking into how webmentions could be used to provide feedback on how students meet the criteria of a task while evaluating their evidence. It is basically a “badge” that is built on nothing more than reputation and permalinks.