Why is the search feature in @outlook’s web client  just so bad? basic last names and first names ans it can’t find a single message….Even though the first email has that name.
@jasonhowell @kevingamin @RonAmadeo @film_girl Yeah I was using a combination of Plex and Subsonic plus any old desktop I could find at garage sales as a server. Then had too many children and moved back to Google. Maybe it is time to go #indieweb on my music again, got rid of the diapers. Time to get rid of the poo
@doomquasar @film_girl @spacekatgal @jasonhowell @ronamadeo Does anyone know if I lose my personal music collection on YouTube Music when Google Play Music Goes away? Its 60 gigs. Do I need to build a media server again???? GRRRR
@doomquasar I actually own that t-shirt. No lie. Not all of us lucky enough to be friends only with 24 hour party DINCs. @spacekatgal just jealous she can’t go to cool EDM festivals anymore as Congressional Candidate.
I have to assess my students. Part of the job. Would it be better to assign a number from a teacher built assessment with probably no reliability? Should I just roll the dice and give a number?Communities give value to credentials just how university give value to a 4.0 GPA scale that means nothing.