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Replied to In reply to: Intertextrevolution Thanks for the kind response. I’ll answer here your webmention reply didn’t show on my site. I’m sure I probably have a setting for that wrong somewhere. ? You are right, WordPress is a handful to get set up. If you add in the Indieweb stuff it be...
I do not think you have the #IndieWeb webmentions plug in installed. I would see a box below to add my post as a webmention. If you want to spend ten minutes doing a tune up I would be happy to poke around. Just hit me up in chat anytime.

Rest assured we are taking the documentation issue seriously. Here is the UX research I have started. https://indieweb.org/WordPress/Onboarding

The first step to good documentation is user research both through dogfooding but also through research,

Collecting user stories from users at different levels and doing cognitive labs with new users.

You would be in quite the sweet spot as someone who has struggled with documentation to interview for the study.

In terms off your FAQ and what happens to bridgy when I started working on this and trying each case: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19l28iCNAcMiwL2Tpko0GhiLVAVyl9DPltNS8ZvumwoE/edit#gid=0 Once you get SemPress 100% setup you could do the same as a way of contributing as well.

Already trying to plan for a @virtuallyconnecting presence at the #IndieWeb summit @autumm been a lot of redent attention from the #DoOO crowd, especially at admin, level. Maybe we do one session focused for that crowd with your team.
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Brad thanks for these great FAQs these are exactly the types of thins we want in a WordPress user guide (doing a theme developer guide separately). Luckily you have webmentions installed so I saw this post. #IndieWeb WordPress isn’t easy, but WordPress isn’t easy, any seasoned user knows something will break something else at any given point.

The #IndieWeb community works hard as a few volunteers. We could use all the help with documentation for different audiences. Would love to have you jump on board and help the team. You already know what breaks when and that is half the step.

I said I was teaching, not that I have built yet. After I launch a module for online class teaching now I am going to start the instructional design. Going to be using a mix of @glitch, #DOO, and even a bit of GitHub. shhhhhhh don’t tell my students. i don’t want them to quit yet. I will share @glitch file in a bit. Will start with notes for planning.
I will be offering my digital teaching and learning II class at @SCSU in the open and for credit this July. Going to focus on becoming netorked scholar with the infrastructure and skills to actively contribute and remix #oer from a domain you own. I welcome anyone in this chat as either a teacher or a student. Preferably both.

I know heads will explode, I ended up with 81 webmentions in just a few minutes and I am sure they are going to keep rolling in. Let’s do a pop up podcast:
– Why is facebook teaching adtech digital literacy classes?
– What should our response in higher ed be?
– Can we be nimble enough to meet industry needs in today’s economy?
– How do alternative programs and credentials work?
– And lets gif the crap out of it.
Check it out it is really cool stuff and it could be used to empower faculty not #edtech The other issue is the rise of open silos. How does the oercommons work? Want to contribute to #OpenBadges, cool have 5K in membership due? Want to be certified as learning tools compliant? Fork over membership and then pay again for certification. Barbed wire fences more open than stone walls but just as closed.
My goal is to create three things, a course, a template, and a static professional org page all made in the plainest HTML possible. If we want to ensure we can live in a world free of silos where we prepare students for the siloed economy (digital marketing) focusing on plain old simple html is key. We can BE the future rather than DREAMING of future. here is course example: https://edu305.jgregorymcverry.com
Agree, but I can DO same thing using this, http://microformats.org/wiki/microformats2, and I COULDN’t do it with the current schema.org specs.If we want to take back our campus and rebuild the local web we need to start by taking back our courses and syllabi and start remixing each others work. I started to make templates here https://github.com/jgmac1106/coursetemplate, Learning CSS grid and mf2, so has mistakes stil