A WebMaker Challenge: #BurpeesForBobby

I herby issue the following webmaker challenge:  Can you make a gif, infographic, comic, stick figure animation,  or any silly cat meme about how to do a burpee?

I am helping my family start a fundraising campaign for my 8 month year old nephew who has a rare neurological disease leukodystrophy.

They have created an idea around . An exercise challenge. Obviously we want the idea to go global. 


We really need quick spreadable content—margarine like stuff to clog the arteries of the Interwebs.

 Can you make a gif,  stick figure animation on how to do a burpee?,Or as added challenge an infographic, comic strip, or silly cate or any silly cat meme about hating burpees but doing them for those you love?

How to complete the challenge:

  1. Create cool content.
  2. Share cool content.

Just include the hashtag #BurpeesForBobby and I  ( and hopefully an ever growing audience) will find your work.

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