Recruiting Guest Speakers for #EDU522-Come Join me for <10 min

I am exploring audio and video formats as part of #EDU522. In all of my onlien teaching students enjoy expert panels more than recorded slide decks. Yet, I also know few finish hour long podcast So after watching how microcast work on in the community I thought about switching it up for #EDU522: Digital…

#EDU522 Launch Videos and Updates: Join an #IndieWeb Blogging 101 Course

The time has arrived and a new breed of educational bloggers will emerge from the ashes of the #EDU522. Having a focus on learning, open pedagogy, and the #indieweb as educators we will spend the next three weeks understanding how to teach with digital tools by trying out new digital tools. Launching your blog You…
@autmm  Here is my class using webmentions as part of class is awesome and release of some new #IndieWeb plugins makes it easier  with WordPress.. though I am still tempted to try @microdotblog
#EDU522 is the first time I am using the full #IndieWeb WordPress suite with students..Going very well...Even got badges to work as webmentions too bad it it a three week class...that causes stress...takes about three weeks just to get comfortable.
But for #RSSvZombie I would spin up a planet like this Folks wouldn't need to know how RSS works or have a reader. Just know how to tag their post for bites and team switching  
Here is an example of my status feed:,reply,repost,photo/feed/ and human readable form:,reply,repost,photo/ My students all have them and I pull it all together with RSS
context collapse - IndieWeb (
context collapse Context collapse refers to when a social media user who belongs to a specific peer or social group shares a post publicly but with the expectation that the audience understands the social norms and practices of the group creating a “private” post in public.
Just added an article about context collapse on the #IndieWeb wiki with @kevinmarks as we study open v privacy in #edu522. Perfect example of how open pedagogy works in the wild.