My Comment Policy: Need to Add to Code of Conduct

person peeks behind closed door
Here is the comment policy for all my classes:

You have control to choose which comments to display. If we have a private chatroom I will leave more critical analysis of your work there.

However is this is a “feed only” class I will send you feedback through comments. If you do not want to display the comment leave it unapproved. if you want to throw the comment away, do so it is your data.

If I send a reply from my website, meaning I post a comment from my site, it will only be because your post can be an exemplar text or I am extending the conversation.

I will never syndicate a reply to your post from my website to social media unless you are engaged in the same space. If you are not interacting with material from class on that network I will always ask to share the link first if you are not on the network where I share the post.

I have seen your secret! flickr photo by A R I T R A shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

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