I have been using some form of Banner since I had to use a dial up modem back in my Student Government days. We have a long hate/hate relationship.

I actually don’t think faculty should touch the canonical link of a university. Leads to self-imposed disinformation.

Department and faculty subdomains…yeah #DOO all day long.

I am scared of what happens to LMS data in the name of “retention” and connecting to student data about meal plans or swiping into gyms.


Our catalogs went online. I like it. Links to each courses. The problem with making them more dynamic is legacy costs.

I would suggest as plain HTML as possible. Here is one version I was working on.

Though if faculty aren’t doing the catalog should just be a database that could be served up in any which way through flexible APIs….but we work in #HigherEd. An online catalog=PDF


Drafting #IndieWeb Principles for the Rest of Us (jgregorymcverry.com)
I woke this morning to see the weekly discussion of “What is #IndieWeb and what is not” flared up again last night. Eventually someone points to the principles page. Yet to the audience I serve these set of core ideals can chase folks away for being too technical. So I wanted to remix them to se...
@petermolnar suggested I make a few edits. Peter’s idea was to make “Own Your Data” more inclusive.

I am thinking maybe “Own Your Data.” For many this begins with having a domain and a website you control. Yet as long as you are carving out a place on the web that will let you take your data to a new home your are on the way to the #IndieWeb.


I will probably keep it as separate repo for a bit. I wanted people to look at my micrformats2 markup. I learned I need to tweak somethings, but got close. Goal was goal make your business card include the h-card.

Will also have to update README.md as you have to change your screen options for link properties in menus to add rel=me links and mf2 classes. Nothing else is different. I did go add a ‘linK “home” rel=me’ In the main template manually but I think I can figure out way to do that so it doesn’t require manually file editing.

Have family in town now but will push to GitHub later today.

a post (jgregorymcverry.com)
Successfully added microformats2 to @cogdog’s Dimension WordPress theme so your calling card will play nice with #IndieWeb tools. Almost 90% of the updates can be done using just the customizer and the custom menus. You will have to add one line to the main page in theme editor but its easy. I wil...
Have few things to change. Thx to folks in the #IndieWeb WordPress channel for the help. Need to fix the h-entry. Also still debating whether to add the h-card the wrapper. The entire one page theme was designed as a business card. So from matching intention wrapping the entire page in h-card makes sense.