Setting up WordPress to is actually pretty easy (full disclosure I was sitting next to @jeaniemcgenie and @manton at the meet up at the #IndieWebSummit…that helped) but just to then under feeds add /feeds to what you want on For example I use,reply,like,follow,reposts,checkin,photo/feed
I just use openly licensed material (and openly license all my own) and avoid the fair use debate entirely, but I am not (or am I? or are we all?) in media studies like @reneehobbes and need to present and critique copyrighted work that I have transformed. #digiurl
Yes! This! @jcoiro is right. In fact I am beginning to think the classroom space rather than the student should become the variable of interest in Digital Literacies research. #digiuri
My To-Do List (
I have been using the Pomodoro Method since @iamjessklein introduced it to me. World is luck I didn’t know about it in high school. It would be just me and Pinky running the world (Brain is a lowly employee). I moved from a page to a post so I can send my updates to myself as webmentions. 2018-07-...
Finished my h-card rewrite 🍅 and my changed all my photos to featured photos to display correctly 🍅
The #IndieWeb tools get more user friendly every day. Feel like more and more people embracing the ability to control their data and shape their identity.
That is awesome @TalientoTeaches. Attribution protects the Commons. When you send the ask give a nudge.. You know you could add a license to your work that allows others to reuse and remix (or reuse and remix) #DrewTeach
Finally @CathieLeBlanc @dshanske and I are organizing an #IndieWebCamp in NYC late September. Hoping to secure venue for the free conference this week. If #digiuri folks near the City should get on the bus when it comes by.
@eduquinn I will also be speaking at @WordPressRI soon about getting started with #IndieWeb tools on WordPress. #digiuri folks should hit that up. If you launch #DoOO I can help you set up a Hombrew Website Club.

I am running my Digital Teaching and Learning Too class in the open starting 7/30. Gonna be a crash course (Summer C is short) in #DoOO and #IndieWeb. If any #digiuri folks curious come along.

#digiuri The AND also only works if we are as @jessifer notes critical of #edtech and choose what @anildash calls humane tech. Can students port their data? Do they maintain rights? What data is collected? Doing research through our early MOOCs almost all the makes gone