???? Self-platforming, DoOO, and academic workflows | Tim Clarke by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)
I’ve been watching a growing trend of folks both within the IndieWeb/DoOO and edtech spaces begin using their websites like a commonplace book to host a growing majority of their own online and social related data.
@Chirsaldrich has such a great description about building out your space. Join hin , @wiobyrne and a few others tomorrow night for a Virtual Homebrew Website Club. #edtechchat #DOO #DigPed.
We want to ensure we provide any and all options available to help. So we can better assist, please tell us more about what you're trying to connect to. What specifically is an IRC?
Hey @VZWSupport if your support team needs to ask, “What is an IRC” they probably shouldn’t be working in technical support. Please let me IRC and tether. Uses way less data than other chat platforms and its older than the web (1998)
On blogger pronouns by https://colinwalker.blog/Colin%20Walker.png Colin Walkerhttps://colinwalker.blog/Colin%20Walker.png Colin Walker (colinwalker.blog)
The discussion around whether responses to other people should be written in the second person has developed with point and counterpoint being made in equal measure. I am deliberately writing this in the (more usual) third person because of what it is in response to. "The more I think about, the mor...
“What up, Colin I dig this post”

“Third person is how we sound smarterest (Walker, 2016)”

“The best approach to commenting on blogs recognizes cultural differences in naming authors. While Colin Walker laid out strong arguments for a third person web….”

Shift from third
temporal mental
letter writing
blogs as vehicles
become involved

Your post inspired a found poem”

It’s the #IndieWeb. Be independent. Forget conventions. Keep the web weird.

It’s the #IndieWeb. It’s your Domain. Don’t like my comment? Cool delete it.

I get to keep it. It’s on my domain. It’s the #IndieWeb

We do need to focus on inclusive pronouns and that includes firs, second, third and all the persons in between.

All students should have access to AP courses, and I am living proof by Brian OzenneBrian Ozenne (CT Viewpoints)
I took my first advanced placement class – world history—when I was a sophomore in high school. This year, I’m a junior currently taking three AP courses. Next year, I’ll take four more. As a student of color who lives in Hartford, this makes me unique. It doesn’t have to. Studies have shown that students of color and students from low-income communities do not have fair access to Advanced Placement classes. That’s true in nearby New York, right here in Connecticut, and across the country. I am proof of what happens when that access is granted.
This year our Gear Up program awarded 636 credits to New Haven students through dual enrollment. If access is the goal than AP isn’t the way,

  • AP tests skew students in science education towards biology and away from physics
  • AP tests are big business
  • Dual enrollment addresses rather than reinforces inequity
Virtual Homebrew Website Club Meetup on May 30, 2018 by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)
Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? If so, come on by and join a gathering of people with likeminded interests. Bring your friends who want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, he...
Please share the event widely and encourage anyone interested to join us.
@chirsaldrich by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich)
HAS to have the permalink URL for your post on the page
In one sentence can you tell me, what a permalink URL is? Is it different than a regular link? Then in the next sentence tell me where I would my a permalink to my post? Then answer this question, “I thought I had to use the response properties box do you mean if a link is anywhere in my post?”

We should add these to wiki FAQ as well

In terms of the size yeah the font size is way bigger than SemPress. I haven’t had time to fix. Still playing with language. I see it trip up so many.

cogdog/wp-dimension (GitHub)
A configurable Wordpress Theme version of HTML5up Dimension Theme made for the internet by @cogdog. It creates a simple, elegant calling card something that looks like
These are two different spaces where I have been living both working basically on the same thing. Your web based calling card. We build our presence not our profiles.

I am going to try and conclude the end of my fourteen WordPress experiment by forking Alan’s theme and seeing if I can correctly add microformats2 and remove any conflicting microformats classes that maybe lingering in theme, ghosts of efforts past.

I have never edited themes much beyond hacking my own needs so I will probably fail and bug a bunch of people along the way.

And to:


I really encourage you to check out what is going on with the micropub clients and microsub readers that are on the cusp of nearly there. The #indieweb stuff is cool, and I don’t mean bridgy to Twitter (which is totally amazing. I love posting to Twitter from my website or using a micropub client to publish to my website and twitter at same time). Like facebook Twitter could turn off (or charge for..already happened) the API any day. I mean a total Back to the Future.

I don’t know all the computer whiz-bangery that happens but I do know all I need to do to play in these spaces is add just a couple classes to a few html elements. That’s it. RSS your website. Everything else stays the same.

WordPress can be finicky…It’s WordPress but most of the issues are caused by the older microformats standards that gathered steam when Google was pushing “rel=”author so as part of my experiment I am going to try and learn what it means to really edit a theme and try to document the journey.

To other IndieWeb WordPress developers I welcome help. The themes and plug-ins are close to stable. Having nothing to do is a great thing. I think we could get there. Instead let’s focus on documenting what people need to look for or do to update themes. Even if it’s the wrong metadata it must be easy to find.

So let’s see how far I get in the next nine days. I have two summer classes starting tomorrow. So I am going to hold myself to two hours a day. I probably won’t finish but the journey will be great.


Why We Need the #IndieWeb: A Short History by Cathie LeBlanc (Desert of My Real Life)
Back in 1993, as a young computer science graduate student, I created my first web page. To do so, I had to learn a new language, HyperText Markup Language (html), which was pretty easy for me as someone who had been programming in Cobol, PL/I, C, Basic, and so on, since high school. My web pages co...

The IndieWeb is an experimental answer to the corporate web of Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The IndieWeb movement wants to bring us back to a time when our digital identity is created and hosted on our own web pages.

Cathie what great way to put it. Glad you are helping us build the web our student deserve.