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Today’s the first official post on my new blog, the first new blog platform for me in this century, give or take. If you’ve getting this by email, click the title of the post to take a peek,
@thisissethsblog Welcome to @WordPress. The next step is to add all the #IndieWeb plugins so folks can interact with your content from their own blogs rather than just social media silos. Could you imagine everyone in connecting from their own blogs and building a network through webmentions? It’s cool stuff.
25 Years of EdTech: 2008 – eportfolios by mweller ( by a sound idea. The e-portfolio was a place to store all the evidence a learner gathered to exhibit learning, both formal and informal, in order to support lifelong learning and career dev...
@mweller @morrispelzel I built my first e-porfolio system using HyperCard a long time back. I wanted to replace the writing folders that just gathered dust as they followed students around. I believed then as I do now a student website would be better.

You are correct. We need a web presence not portfolios. A bunch of us in the #IndieWeb community are also looking into how webmentions could be used to provide feedback on how students meet the criteria of a task while evaluating their evidence. It is basically a “badge” that is built on nothing more than reputation and permalinks.

Remixing Agency and Adjacency by tellio (Impedagogy)
We could take any number of the other responses in the sidebar annotations of the original article and do the same. Make poems, multimodal works, original essays inspired by them, collaborative how-to’s, etc.
@tellio I agree we are inventing a new marginalia of multimedia yet I do worry about @hypthoesis becoming another silo, regardless of how open. I didn’t realize it but they catch some flak (most unwarranted) for creating an open standard that only their platforms runs on. Super stoked some of the team is going to #IndieWeb summit

I am also a little hesitant about citations defaulting to public domain. A lot of folks I know have started using to keep things in HTML on a domain THEY own, but wouldn’t work with PDF, and academics will need for this use case.

What I want is to publish annotations on citations and have them syndicate to my blog. Right now I just embed an iframe of my feed but I want to OWN them locally.

Should we build our own course/community? · Issue #9 · OpenScienceMOOC/Main (GitHub) Not the worst idea..
Been trying to convince this #OpenScience effort the best way to MOOC is to not MOOC at all, as a centralized place, instead follow the #ds106, #rhizo15 #connectedcourses model where students complete tasks on their own websites. Could even use the #IndieWeb suite of protocols and API to make the headless LMS. Gets to the values of #OpenScience better IMO
Just over twenty years ago, at the same time (Hypothesis)
I've been trying to follow your IndieWeb adventures, Greg. Can you point us to what you are up to? (I did see your note about how Edublogs seems resistant to integrating with IndieWeb feed .. or did I read that wrong?)
@dogtrax….hmm how to keep up with my #IndieWeb stuff….well I will give you my #IndieWeb answer: Check out my blog: https://jgregorymcverry.

You can see all my note Tweets first published as notes:
All of my quotes of blogs I read and replies to other tweets.

But Kevin you are one of the most #IndiewWeb people I know. I often hold you up as the standard of being #indie but using services like Google Sites or EduBlogger. It comes down to owning your content, controlling your identity. Having the technology to connect with the community is an important but distant third to the first two values.

Edublogs is a special version of WordPress. In order to ensure stability for users they do not allow too many plugins. You can add an h-card, which is like a business card, to your homepage, header or footer but that is about it.

We are going to organize a virtual IndieWebCamp for some time in August. We should see if @ncte wants to get involved at all.

Can we #IndieWeb Google Scholar? #HigherEd (
So during my (ongoing) microformats crash course I have styled many citations. Writing an APA citation in html with proper markup take time. A lot of time when you write a lot of citations. While I would consider a canonical link back to to a piece listed or displayed on an author’s website as leg...
We are getting close to an #IndieWeb Check out the early draft from @zegnat and provide feedback: #openscience #literacies #edtechchat
Digital writing has come a long way in the past decade (Hypothesis)
Often the wrong way. We went from an open web where everyone controlled where they published to a homogenized world of corporate silos where alogrithims influence what we read and thus what we write. Web 2.0 became a walled garden. True critical digital literacies must begin by taking back control of your identity.
The fields of wild flowers, dried and shriveled
tamed by power. Mowed down for convenience.
No one would walk this hills to see wild flowers
Now plucked, gone.
Genetically engineered and packaged and patented
Take this seed and we will plant it.
We know best
We provide the water, light.
Grow your seed. Blossom your network
Just don’t leave our walled garden
Everyone is here, its better we look the same.
Lovely blue flowers for all.
Greg McVerry (Hypothesis)
Here is the thing the next decade of digital writing would be best served if it looked like the digital writing of yesterday. Let's stick to html on domains students own. ![](
@troyhicks @dogtrax @ncte @skadjer My perfect vision for the next decade of digital writing #literacies
★Like: Drafting #IndieWeb Principles for the Rest of Us by john john (John's World Wide Wall Display)
Drafting #IndieWeb Principles for the Rest of Us ( Yet to the audience I serve these set of core ideals can chase folks away for being too technical. So I wanted to remix them to see if I get develop the same principles for a non-technical crowd. Although I’ve been playing with...
I got a few critiques they were too technical. @petermolnar in #IndieWeb chat @oldaily on Twitter. Welcome the help revising. I didn’t want to edit the wiki but we could do it on one of our personal pages.

Also I should interview you for the UX user story research I am doing around #IndieWeb WordPress..or we interview each other.

Not sure I like the generation label. Sounds too static. When folks explain it to me it makes sense but I get queasy again soon after.