This is a must read thread just as designing for diversity and inclusion is a must have goal for any endeavor…Plus I knew none of this about Einsten. #Bonus #unboundeq
Join us for an important #literacies chat let’s focus on civic and community ready before college and career.
Eating Disorders at age 11 (Lindsey's Blog)
I had my first run in with ED when I was 11 years old. ED stands for Eating Disorder, but ED sounds a lot nicer. I was in sixth grade.It was like a cold voice breathing down the back of my neck. “D…
As a former sixth grade teacher this quote struck home. We need to do everything in our power to ensure mental health is not a stigma in school.

So proud of of my @scsu students who share their stories so others do not feel so alone.

Our stories provide hope.

@broganml need small grant so we can put libraries at  center of building a local web. Estimate $50  patron a year (covers hosting, domain, food at events), cost of archived  minimal. 2.5k-10k check for pilot. #CheckOutMyDomain is a good idea