I wonder which skills would be a better predictor of reading and how correlate the two would be: traditional concepts of print vs concepts of pixels? #literacies #lra18 Easy study to do.

Watching a 5 year old show me the title of a book doesn’t seem that different than watching them launch an app and having it read to them. What about an Osmo where does print begin there?

Thinking about different webmention and bridgy questions people will have:

  • If I have the webmention plugin what happens if I add a link to a post on a blog where somebody else has webmentions?
  • If I have webmentions and I reply to to somone’s blog on my blog do I need to cut and paste my link into webmention box on their comment section?
  • A webmention just came into me from Twitter. If I reply on my blog will I also reply on Twitter?
  • A webmention just came into from Twitter. If I reply to the Tweet on Twitter will my tweet also show as comment also show on my post?
  • A conversation is happening about my post on Twitter. I want to reply but make sure my tweets stay threaded. Do I do a new reply to each tweet? Will all these tweets in the thread show up as comments to my original post?
I went about my #IndieWeb theme exploration project all wrong. I should have started with an installed instance of @cogdog ‘s template, added the plug-ins, and try to see what works and doesn’t. Compare this to #IndieWeb native themes. If Dimension is like the @hueman theme I may just need to hack away at a few things. What I like is that @cogdog dimension seems to be very compliant with WordPress standards. I have a starting point for tomorrow.
Beginning the process of trying to squeeze an online semester of children’s literature into a summer session online at @scsu. Students should expect to be reading and writing for multiple hours a day but I will make our class a fun place to hang. One side benefit of the workload..somebody will always be floating through the stream.
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@budtheteacher if we were to erroneously place products on a developmental pedagogical scale it would go: books and reading to kids, puzzles, chess, braiding, @Osmo, @ScratchJr, @Scratch, @Glitch, @Github, Local dev environment (if local dev environments should be much of a thing in the future).
I like html. It’s universal. WordPress themes, on the other hand are not, different functions exist all over the place depending on the theme. I want to thank folks like @cogdog and @gwg who can keep it all straight.

Today was my first day hacking away at @cogdog’s theme to see if I could bring #IndieWeb tools. I don’t expect to succeed but I will learn a lot over the next 7 days.
Some notes:

@gwg (or original 2016 theme did) pulled many of the functions out of functions.php and created a new folder https://github.com/dshanske/twentysixteen-indieweb/tree/master/inc I will need to track where that same functionality exists in @cogdog themes and then check the path of any asset and array involved.

Template pages are not the same. I want to start by focusing on post_kinds and post_types so I learn how they work. I need to find them all first.