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Never Open but Always Moving

I am amazed at the brainpower involved in the creating and running of connected courses. When I look at the people page I see the faces of so many colleagues that have taught me and friends I enjoy, but all folks I have never met.

This idea of open has really been bouncing around for me. Especially when the Connected Learning Alliance ran activities in parallel with the #ReclaimOpen movement.

I always asked the question, “Why does it have to be reclaimed? When was it lost?”

That was the wrong question.

Open and connected is a vision that predates the internet. The internet, however, with our stewardship makes that vision more possible each day.

I wonder if I could live totally open on the web. Give up Chrome, gmail, calendar, and Google Now and not feel if I gave up my liberation.  Could I stay off publicly traded social networks?

No. And that’s the point. I probably will be never truly 100% open, but I hope to be moving in that direction.

Rethinking Instructional Design

In fact let’s throw out the term. What I have learned in the connected learning community is we need community builders and not instructional designers. Sure a community can have strong knowledge engineers but we need a shared purpose and will knitted distributed place first.

I Stink at Moocs

I often joke that I love MOOCs. I can now say I have dropped out of every Ivy league school across the country. Part of this is due to my own teaching schedule, but part is by design.

I didn’t need one more place to check. Even if its already on Facebook, or Google+. Twitter worked (when using TAGs), but it was more site to log into. One more forum to watch. An open course approach that is organized by RSS makes more sense.

I think, however, that completion may be the wrong metric. I may never finish, but I alway learn a ton.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry is a teacher, researcher and scholar at Southern Connecticut State University.

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